Summer Lovin… Artists & Handmade goods I am loving lately.



Guys!!! I have some terribly talented friends.

Every so often I get struck with awwww that I know the type of people who create such gems!

So much so, I wanted to give a post shout out to some of the handmade (with soul and sweat) goods that I have been in love with as of late.

 Boho Stretch Bracelets and Turquoise ring By the talented Amy Mitchell of WooWooHeart (She takes special orders too, so reach out to her. She is a wise hilarious gem. She will surprise you at every corner with her wit and wisdom. )

Salt + Honey (Secular Prayers to the human and hedonistic heart) By Isabel Abbott (This girl is fire! Not the kind thats burns you… no… the kind that warms you up and helps you keep going.)

Love Drunk Tank and Just Do Love T-Shirt By Kolleen Harrison of Love Wild (Just ordered her Love Warrior hat! She is soothing medicine. I swear just being around her puts the most anxious of souls to rest. She is love indeed.)

The Underneath (A pictorial memoir) By Erin Faith Allen (She is a raw, risk taking woman. She will inspire you to be every single inch of who you were meant to be. Because she lives this truth.)

** These woman and their various art forms truly make the world go round.

They are the REAL deal, my friends…

Fake it till you make it and why I hated this phrase. (Possibility Driven Series)

Fake ItTill YouMake It

*I have heard this soooo much recently, I have to admit I hated it at first. I winced every time someone told it to me.

But the truth was the people whom were saying this were successful people. The type of people I look up too and well, want to be.

I couldn’t ignore advice of intelligent, creative, successful entrepreneurs.

Let me tell you why I hated this phrase: Simply because the word fake is in the sentence.

Yep, that’s the only reason.

I felt like a liar “faking it.” It felt inauthentic. It felt disrespectful.

I don’t want to fake it, I want to be perfect at it and then show everybody.

I have perpetual compulsions to be 100% transparent, making me awful at faking anything.

In essence taking the phrase “fake it till you make it” at face value is a key reason a lot of us feel other people have the secret to success.

Because it quite literally looks like they do!

We look at them with their perfect Instagram photos, book deals, friend count and chronically compare.

Not considering the long messy hours of hard work and countless years of connecting, dreaming that has led them up to that moment.

Their secret sauce isn’t that they have it all figured out.

Their secret sauce isn’t that they have no fear.

Their secret sauce isn’t that they are perfect.

Their secret sauce isn’t that they have some extra human talent.

Their secret sauce is they “fake it till they make it.”

They do the work… no matter what… Without being perfect.

What I translate this phrase to mean is this:

“What if you just feel the fear. Feel the doubt. Feel the whatever. Then my dear soul, Do It Anyway!”

SHOP NOW (1)THIS feels better! This feels authentic. This is what I hear them saying now and I love it! 

You just have to do it, dive in, figure it out, overcome and keep going. 

“Do it anyway. Fake it till you make it.”

Melody Ross told me, while I was sharing some fears of mine with her, “Do it anyway.”

It is a phrase she uses in her work often including in this gorgeous video.

(After hearing this I wrote the above thoughts. She has a gorgeous article called “Be Patient with life important things take time” have a read. 

Xo much love to you Melody for the constant inspiration you are to us all!

P.s. Last photo taken of Erin Faith Allen at Call of the Wild Soul

27 Things to do Before Turning 28


How fast a year goes by, just the other day I was struggling to think of “26 goals” now I am writing 27.

*Some of my favorite things about “26” were the surprises… the non-planned adventures.

I learned that during my pursuit of desires to always keep my eyes open for magic.

It’s getting harder to write these lists, they keep getting longer and life is even more uncertain this year than ever before.

Uncertainty has a way of stealing our ability to dream, so more than ever I set to writing this list.

I will not allow my ability to dream be stolen from me.

This year the dreams are simpler because that is as far as I could stretch my heart.

Small moments of magic and pleasure. I think this is alright, dreams don’t have to be grandiose to be of value.

They just have to be real and honest. So here we go 27, lets make it a down to earth, bliss filled year!

“27 Things to do before Turning 28”

1: Go orange picking

2: See a manatee

3: Go camping on the beach (Something I have always wanted to do)

4: Purchase a travel french press and mugs for said camping

5: Visit an orchid farm

6: Explore Florida Keys, take my love scuba diving

7: Go flea marketing and antiquing for art supplies

8: Buy a good piece of handmade pottery

9: Get a tattoo

10: Photograph epic mountains

11: Photograph elk, bison or ram (Not picky)

12: Curate & photograph a bohemian picnic

13: Scan all India collages, begin compiling book

14: Get a puppy

15: Road trip the good old fashion way

16: Hold a fox (Seriously can someone help me out with this lifelong dream? Pleeeeease!)

17: Take an art workshop or go to a retreat

18: Become a brand affiliate for someone

19: Visit Utah… Hike, camp, photograph and soak in hot springs

20: Write blog posts about being self employed in the art world

21: Hire a photographer for my own brand portraits

22: Learn how to photograph the stars

23: Learn more about my genealogy

24: Take my love to the local farmers market

25: Go horseback riding with my love

26: Attend a stargazing party

27: Read 12 books

Here we go folks! Onward…

26 Things to do Before Turning 27, Revisited.


1) Remember all those reader digest books we found in an abandoned house?

Well made collage packets to give away at Call of the Wild Soul. I spent lovely spring days ripping scraps of paper, tea staining and bundling each packet. It was delightful to see the pieces of art the students created using the material. collage2

2) Print photos from our Honey Moon at Artifact Uprising!

My sister gifted me our honeymoon album for christmas, pretty much the greatest! IMG_2824

3) Life hack our house especially the kitchen!

I organized that baby real goooood! To my surprise our place had a pretty large kitchen, so no need for crazy hacking to make everything fit.

4) Write Love Letters to people whom need them. :( I am the worst at letter writing. I always swear I am going too, because honestly I do love it.

5) Collage/write my heart… It’s time. I can feel the need to create about living in India and Nepal.

Guess what?!! I made and remade over 100 collages about my time in Asia. I never feel quite done, always re-arranging, tearing up, adding marks. I have enjoyed the process, feeling proud at what has poured out thus far. Pushing myself past the “I can’t think of anything new to do” times. indiacollage

6) Streamline bills. Why? Because life is easier that way.

DONE! GO streamline your bills NOW. Its amazing. I love having them in ONE place. It is a dream.

7) Learn how to make a Cyanotype which is a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print!

This is rolling over to next years list. I must learn how!!

8) Keep getting in shape. Right before turning 26 I decided it was high time to make working out a regular part of my life. 

(Not an optional one.) I am dedicated to expanding what that looks like this year!

Surprisingly drinking water is the hardest part. I have most days stayed very dedicated to being in shape. Like anything in life there are up’s and downs.workout

9) Drink champagne for the first time.

First I am addicted… Not really, but seriously good stuff. Upon getting our new apt we popped a bottle of champagne (which I had taste tested with my girl Grace,) DEVINE if I do say so myself! Perfect way to celebrate our new start in a new state.  

10) Make art with Orly Avineri. 

Crazy magical things do happen. Erin Faith Allen owner of Call of the Wild Soul contacted me and said “I have a crazy idea. Would you like to photograph our New Mexico art retreat?” An art retreat I actually really, really wanted to attend. What do you know, Orly was one of the teachers! I was able to create along side this beauty a few times and still months later feel pretty elated to be apart of a community with incredible woman like them! sigh! 

11) Create a desk/workspace in our new home, where I can edit without being hunched over or burning my legs.

Our dining table became my workspace. It is convenient that’s what it boils down too. 

12) To that note I also want to freshin up our bedroom, wether that means a head board or new bed spread. It has been the least focused on room in the house.

I bought a few things here and there over the year for this space and it feels muuuuuuch better. I love our tiny room now. 

13) Use milage for an airline ticket. Where too?

Boise, ID for Brave Girls Symposium!!! 


14) Get my very own sleeping bag, hiking backpack and boots! For real, I am an adult now, I need to invest in proper gear.

Thanks to the parents; I am now prepared for ANYTHING nature throws at me! Okay maybe not, but I feel more comfortable. :)

15) Hike and camp more. A goal we both equally desire.

Done… Done… Done… I had so many outdoor adventures this year and I am not complaining!hiking

16) Visit Asheville before leaving the east coast! Go to Double D’s and Biltmore Estate.

Little did I know, we wouldn’t be leaving the east coast, just leaving Virginia. I will have visited Asheville 5 times since making this promise. Which is nuts!! But also really incredible! Not only because it is quirky and beautiful but because one of our favorite couples lives there, can you say partyyyy!

IMG_3280 IMG_2739ashleville

17) Read 12 books. Focusing on Travel and or Memoirs.

DONE!! Unbroken made me cry a million times (read while my love was in boot camp, not the smartest idea.)


18) Tin type Portraits done. 

Our good friend Miki Ross owner of Analogue Arts and Trade took a few portraits of me last year right before we moved. I treasure them. tintype

19) Learn how to re-wire a lamp. Seriously this has been on my to do list forever. 

My husband taught me how to re-wire a light fixture just after getting our second place together, not as hard as one might think.

20) Go dancing with my husband. Never did, which is a bummer but hey can’t get them all.

21) Learn to make proper cocktails. You know for all those parties we throw.

I have very little photographic evidence of this because well I was too busy drinking them drinks to photograph them.

Favorites include: Mojito, Rum Swizzle, (With lemon instead of grenadine) Dark ‘N’ Stormy and a Classic Champaign Cocktail (Any citrus works well.) 

22) Get a morning routine. Mine consisted of rolling out of bed, throwing on clothes and grabbing a coffee. 1o minutes flat and I was out the door.  

This has come and gone over the seasons of this last year. Mostly it has looked like getting up making a smoothie (with protein), pulling work out clothes on, heading straight to the gym, making the coffee after the working out and before work. Now with a puppy it looks a lot different. ;)

23) Take Nathaniel scuba diving.

We haven’t made it scuba diving YET. We have however been snorkeling all around Florida’s Natural Springs. There are A LOT of them and we have been one by one marking them off our list. snork24) Meet a National Geographic photographer. Shoot with them. A girl can dream…

25) Make a list of things to do and love while living in Jacksonville. Oh and do them…

Slowly but surely seeing some of the amazingness… More than anything we are certainly eating our way through Florida.

26) Apply for collage!!!!!!!  

I applied. I got accepted. I got totally afraid and also super passionate about my photography business that I didn’t take it another step. 

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