My Love, Happy Anniversary

I knew I was in trouble when I got up for my 6:30am flight for California and for the first time staying by a mans side… your side… sounded more fulfilling than traveling.

Almost exactly one year later you took me to watch the sunrise. You pulled out a beautiful custom ring and said sweet nothings.

You asked if I would go on an adventure with you…

Two and a half months later we were married in my aunts backyard under gothic trees and surrounded by immediate family.

We spent our first Thanksgiving as husband and wife on our Honeymoon in Indonesia. Island hopping, scuba diving, exploring spice markets and swimming in waterfalls.

Our first Christmas married we moved into our apt. We nested. We grew. We decided we had to do something to get the future we wanted.

The very next fall we would celebrate our first year anniversary over a phone call while you were in boot camp.

We moved to Florida for our first station. You bought me a beautiful puppy whom would keep me sane during all the long days of duty/deployment.

Watching the ship pull in is one of the most emotional moments of anyones life.

Goodness the longing for your arms around my body, to feel the warmth of you being near.

Its unbearable and perfect.

We spent our second Anniversary and Christmas exploring Florida and spending time just us. We didn’t know what the next year would hold.

We didn’t realize how much it would take and how much it would give.

While this was the hardest year yet together… We still pushed through and managed to have some incredible experiences.

We jumped out of an airplane for your birthday.

We bought a second puppy. We hiked through Zion. We rode a jet ski through Lake Powell.

We rode an  ATV through the Mojave Dessert. We watched the sunset over the Grand Canyon.

We made a lot of memories.

Basically… We Made It…

We made it to our third anniversary.

Were here. We still love each other more than anything in the world.

We fought hard to get here didn’t we?

Lets keep on fighting and making up and making memories.

Happy Anniversary Love.


Savannah, Ga Birthday Getaway

I came home to a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, chocolates, coffee and macaroons topped off with a love letter. He then took me to BB’S restaurant where we ate scallops, quail, drank wine and ate a cappuccino mousse cake. Then he said: “Pack your bag I booked an Air BnB.” Swoon!!!! This year my love went above and beyond for my birthday. He has known this year has been a rough one, I wasn’t particularly looking forward to this birthday for a number of reason.

We ate at The Wyld Dock Bar for dinner with plans of going out for drinks afterward. However the food and location were just so dreamy that we stayed for hours. We watched a storm roll in and then out. We watched the sun set and food disappear. Drink rounds come and go. It was just too good to leave. (If your ever in Savannah The Wyld Dock Bar is a must stop for a unique dinner experience, try the Okra for sure and the Pain Killer tropical slushy!)

Don’t sleep in, instead go to The Collins Quarter for breakfast/brunch… Trust me this place is worth sacrificing the sleep. Try the “Tag the Hash” its a unique dish that balances fresh and fried perfectly! Sip on a lavender mocha while your at it, or at the very least stop by and pick one up from their to go window and walk around the historic district.

Because you went to The Collins Quarter and you have already walked around the historic district for a few hours with your love stop into The Paris Market and purchase a unique trinket, drink a french press and munch on a croissant.

*Stop by Th Spice & Tea Exchange pick up something for the cook in your life.

For lunch eat the best noodles in Savannah at The Flying Monk. I tried a real hot number from Japan called the Suki Yaki, filled with shrimp, squid, shitaki mushrooms and bok choy. Soooooo Good!

27 Things to do before Turning 28 *revisited*

1: Go orange picking

Didn’t know Orange season in Florida is in the fall, which means by the time I got around to planning a day to do it, it was spring. Waaaay past when we could go. So this November we will be picking oranges and making marmalade for sure.

2: See a manatee 

We made two conservative attempts to see a manatee, even going as far as purchasing a guided snorkel tour… to no avail! We ended up going to Ocala’s Zoo which had two in captivity that were rescued due to illness and were being nursed back to health. So there is that right?

3: Go camping on the beach (Something I have always wanted to do) 

We love going up to Talbot Island they have cute little campgrounds that back up to the water with easy access to the beach and hiking trails. While this isn’t directly on the beach itself it is as close as it gets.

4: Purchase a travel french press and mugs for said camping 

Purchased a stainless steel french press and two travel mugs with locking lids for our hiking/camping needs. Because no matter how much I love nature I love my coffee just as much! My love thinks its ridiculous that I pack my own brewing method when I travel, until he wants coffee on a sleepy morning and then I whip own my magic french press. 

5: Visit an orchid farm

Nathaniel took me all the way to a HUGE Orchid greenhouse which we proceeded to purchase this orchid from. I have an obsession with them, if I could I would have hundreds of them.

6: Explore Florida Keys, take my love scuba diving

 No Keys

7: Go flea marketing/antiquing for art supplies

 I came… I saw.. but I did not conquer. Apparently Jacksonville doesn’t have the greatest of antique stores. Didn’t find a thing for art.

8: Buy a good piece of handmade pottery

I was lucky enough to have a beautiful hand thrown mug made for me by a dear friend as well as purchased a mug on our recent travels to Arizona. Im in love with them!

9: Get a tattoo

Finally joined the club! Thank you Maya Angelou for your poems that have metaphorically and literally marked me. “Still I Rise” is my anthem for overcoming depression. These words/poem have time and time again kept me going. *Thanks to @thedeadart at Florida Velvet Tattoo for tattooing on the fly and making this piece a reality. *Thanks to @penabranca for designing the gorgeous geometric art that I immediately fell in love!


10: Photograph epic mountains

Do you think The Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley or Zion National Park count? Ha! Ya, I thought so. I would consider this quadruple checked!

11: Photograph elk, bison or ram (Not picky)

Asheville surprising has a tiny elk population that I was lucky enough to sneak away and photograph in January. (The two end photos.) Then as we were driving into the Grand Canyon National Park my jaw dropped when I saw four beautiful elk nestled in the shade of tree’s. I had never seen elk before this year but I have fallen in love with them.


12: Curate & photograph a bohemian picnic

My cousin is this incredible boss lady with incredible friends and last summer when I was staying with her we curated this beautiful picnic for them. Mostly I was in it for the photographs. ;)

13: Scan all India collages, begin compiling book

I spent a lot of last year creating content for this book and gosh darn it I have to get my S*** together and create it. The “I need it to be perfect to finish it” anthem is strong in this one. I have never prolonged a project as much as this one. Either because I have actually finished it or decided I just wasn’t into it anymore. This project is different I still want to finish the book, it just scares the S*** out of me! You feel me? Have you ever had a project like that? Here are four pages out of the book:

14: Get a puppy

We went above and beyond on this one. Why get one puppy when you can get two? The adventures of Samsara and Ronin have begun!

***Seriously the hardest part of this post was choosing which puppy photos to use. TOO.. MANY… CHOICES!

15: Road trip the good old fashion way

Can we say UTAAAAHHHH to AAARIZONAAA. Damn if this wasn’t just a trip to die for. Hard as it was physically man was it easy on the eyes. 

16: Hold a fox (Seriously can someone help me out with this lifelong dream? Pleeeeease!)

I have to plan a trip to Japan so I can finally make this dream come true.

17: Take an art workshop or go to a retreat

Had to cancel going to an art retreat this year because I had recently gotten a new job. You know life…

18: Become a brand affiliate for someone


19: Visit Utah… Hike, camp, photograph.

See 15, because I absolutely combined these two! Man I am so glad we did. A road trip through Utah and Arizona was just what we needed after a looooong year of changes and many months apart.

20: Write blog posts about being self employed in the art world

Did a few tiny ones and also a few more that were never published. But the whole not being self employed in the art world anymore… kinda side tracked me.

Here…  Here… and Here…

21: Hire a photographer for my own brand portraits


22: Learn how to photograph the stars

I read some articles. Where we live in Florida there are not to many stars to be had. While in Arizona I tried my hand at photographing the moon but had forgotten the lens needed for it. Also it is just waaaaaay harder to do than I thought. So mad respect for those perfect starlit mountain photos I see on Instagram. Because WOW it’s hard!

23: Learn more about my genealogy

Loved learning about my family and seeing all the gorgeous photographs.

24: Take my love to the local farmers market

We have this incredible farmers market in Jacksonville that has been here for years. I love going and getting a coconut to sip out of while we shop for produce.

25: Go horseback riding with my love

Nathaniel took me on a stormy beach adventure VIA horse for our anniversary and fella’s take note because it was magical.

26: Attend a stargazing party

Could not find one in Jax to save my life.

27: Read 12 books

1: The name of the wind by: Patrick Rothfuss

2: The wise man’s fear by: Patrick Rothfuss

3: Love Warrior by: Glennon Doyle Melton

4: Harry Potter and the cursed child by: J.K. Rowling

5: The Graveyard Book by: Neil Gaiman

6: Podcast S*** Town

7: Podcast Serial Season 1&2

8: Salt & Honey by: Isabel Abbott

9: Letter to My Daughter by: Maya Angelou




***Bonus adventures included sky diving, eating Chick-fila chicken between Krispy Kreme donuts, shooting a shot gun, sleeping in a converted gas station.***


28 Things to do Before Turning 29

1: Attend a proper wine tasting

2: Eat a traditional Korean meal

3:Take a floral milk bath

4:  Make a video of 28th year using: 1 Second Everyday  

5: Prepare a five course meal. or go eat one out

6: Go to an archery range or gun range

7: Go to a drive in movie theater, because my love has never been

8: Purchase a new camera

9: Take photos in a photo booth with my love

10: Have a fancy cheese night where I try cheeses I have never heard of

11: Get in-design

12: Own our very own house… dwelling… abode… home…

13: Find myself in a spontaneous adventure I couldn’t have imagined

14: Make Artifact Uprising vacation book

15: Buy plants/grow herbs again

16: Focus on living heathier together

17: Write a Florida adventure post for people living in Jacksonville

18: Fill Susannah Conway 2017/2018 workbook

19: Plan a Christmas cabin getaway. Wear plaid and make fires

20: Visit Savannah

21: Drink a Florida Mule from Ice Plant Bar

22: Hike with the pups

23: Visit Harry Potter World. Try every butter beer

24: Purchase sage/Incense

25: Purchase a book by the artist Peter Beard 

26: Try an amaretto sour

27: Learn to make my father-in-laws famous oyster stuffing

28: Begin dreaming more, because this list was so fucking hard to write this year

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