Lately I have been spending a lot of time emailing, writing and doing general scheduling. Sometimes these things can be time and inspiration suckers.

Here are a few things that I have been taking advantage of to maximize my time or to infuse my brain with inspiration!

7 Resources for the Soulful Business: 

Mind Mapping

1) Can’t think of a theme for a blog post? Need something new to write about when your doing your morning pages? Read this amazing list: 100 Word of the Year Ideas to Spark Your Self-Love Path by: Vivienne McMaster!

2) Mind mapping: Is a visual diagram to organize information. A mind map is often created around a single concept and it’s associations. Old school for sure but this does the trick every time. It’s like a web of magical inspiration. I think like a train looks. This thought is attached to this one, to this one, to the next. Are you stuck? Pressed for an idea? Can’t think of another thing to write about? Pair this with Vivienne McMaster’s 100 words to spark some ideas. Pull out your journal, draw some bubbles, pick a word and run with it. Here is one I created to use today:


3) Read: Marketing for IntrovertsMarketing for self-published books, Or really just read his whole site visit Paul Jarvis here.

*I mapped time this week to drink some coffee and explore his articles because knowledge is invaluable! Plus a lot of his knowledge he offers for FREE!

4) TapeACall get it! It is invaluable when you are doing interviews or business meetings over the phone. I am a great note taker however when you are in a creative flow sometimes things, great ideas, fall through the cracks. Now they won’t.

5) Notegraphy, you see me use this every Tuesday when a quote is posted for Truth Tuesdays. I use the same exact template because I love it for one as well as it creates constancy in my design with ease. Not all of us have time to be a writer, designer, photographer, healer, painter, blogger, mother, sister, daughter, wife, lover and friend! So I took designer off my list with this baby. It takes one minute to use and I have a great design every time.


6) Excel or google sheets. I know a lot of artists don’t want to touch these. But seriously get to know one of them. I use Google sheets every single day! I have gotten really good at keeping up with the tiny details in a spread sheet instead of having the details lost in an email or jumbling around in my brain. It may take a few extra seconds to add what you think you will remember to your sheet like did I email so and so and did they answer me, but a lot of the times we forget or can’t remember if we did. This sheet will save your life. For example: The INterview series you see every Friday I keep a very detailed spread sheet for. Including the contributors name, if I requested them to be apart, if they said yes, if I sent the questions, if they sent answers, what date to check back in, what date the INterview goes live, their email, their website, anything I might need to know.

7) The Desire Map by: Danielle LaPorte is absolutely essential. If your about to start a creative endeavor this is a must have and you should get it right now. I mean right now. If you have already started living your dream and want to take it to the next level, read it. If you spend your days wishing you could live you dream especially YOU, go buy it! It’s that good. She has been my guru of sorts for years. Sign up for her Truth Bombs Here.