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“Wake. Come,
uncoil on
an embodied path
strewn with
sweaty with prayer,
kissed openly
by radical trust
in the unknown,
in the sacred.
Bliss goes like this.
A revolutionary act,
an initiatory passage way
to love and serve others
and this heaving
earth, Bliss
counts on
your willingness
to rise,
to risk
your name,
to make
like the Milky Way.”

-Author Melissa La Flamme

There are those rare individuals by one glance, by one conversation, by one meeting… you know they are your kin.

She is one of those people, the kind that is rare and electric.

There is an understanding and this is how it is sometimes.

The few rare one’s that rapture us. Intrigue us.

Those who go body deep, soul deep.

Those who unearth the mysteries and enliven us, ignite us.

This is how it is with Isabel Faith Abbot…