This went on the incredible: (Balsamic kale and beat salad) and (Black bean and corn salad) that Timothy made for our wraps. 

I don’t have his recipes but I have mine.


2 cans of chickpeas

1 cup od tahinni

3 jalapeno’s (dice)

4 sweet peppers (dice)

2 fresh garlic cloves

1/4 cup chopped cilantro (not smooshed in) 

1 teaspoon of Himalayan sea salt

1/4 cup almond milk


Time: 10 minutes 

Blend chickpeas until smooth. Then add tahinni. (If your  blender has a hard time getting it smooth that’s where the almond milk comes in)

This part is personal preference. If you don’t want to take the time to dice everything you can cut some and throw it in the blender. If you like the pops of individual flavor then dice and throw in once the hummus is creamy! I threw it all in the blender to save time.