Guys!!! I have some terribly talented friends.

Every so often I get struck with awwww that I know the type of people who create such gems!

So much so, I wanted to give a post shout out to some of the handmade (with soul and sweat) goods that I have been in love with as of late.

 Boho Stretch Bracelets and Turquoise ring By the talented Amy Mitchell of WooWooHeart (She takes special orders too, so reach out to her. She is a wise hilarious gem. She will surprise you at every corner with her wit and wisdom. )

Salt + Honey (Secular Prayers to the human and hedonistic heart) By Isabel Abbott (This girl is fire! Not the kind thats burns you… no… the kind that warms you up and helps you keep going.)

Love Drunk Tank and Just Do Love T-Shirt By Kolleen Harrison of Love Wild (Just ordered her Love Warrior hat! She is soothing medicine. I swear just being around her puts the most anxious of souls to rest. She is love indeed.)

The Underneath (A pictorial memoir) By Erin Faith Allen (She is a raw, risk taking woman. She will inspire you to be every single inch of who you were meant to be. Because she lives this truth.)

** These woman and their various art forms truly make the world go round.

They are the REAL deal, my friends…