“Honoring your everyday Sacred through grounding, creating and living consciously.”

This moment right here is Sacred if you want it to be. Your voice, your story, your wild and precious life –is Sacred! This moment right here is offering itself to you. It will over and over, offer itself to be filled by you. This moment is not elusive. It never has been. It is intricately interwoven in the breath you just inhaled. It is intimately wrapped around your body. It is right here, waiting for you… waiting for your presence to show up. It is us whom remain elusive. It is us, the moment eagerly awaits. These seven days of Sacredness are really about showing up to our own stories. Gathering the pieces we are used to leaving behind. Gathering everything… every part, every word, every sensation, every story we have ever held and honoring them.

Life will continue to show up. My desire is that we can can meet her with presence. Presence and the Sacred are sisters, they long to meet again and again.

Sitting in the Sacred is all about honoring your life force, opening, listening and creating from that space.

  • We will go on Spirit walks to connect with our luscious bodies and inner wisdom. We will forage and collect resources that will help illustrate our Sacred Stories.
  • We will practice the Art of asking and answering questions to open the well of our inner wisdom.
  • We will create Sacred Vignettes (click for inspiration), which will aid us to tell the visual story of your everyday Sacred.PROMOSITTING

(One part Writing Course. One part Visual Story Telling. One part getting into the Wild. All parts Connecting and honoring the Everyday Sacred!)

Day 1: Rooting into yourself.
Day 2: Your senses as your guides.
Day 3: Connections: all of them!
Day 4: Transform unrefined emotions and how this is presence.
Day 5: Desiring to speak your truth? Hear your inner voice?
Day 6: Awakening your inner wisdom.
Day 7: Integration and honoring everyday Sacred…

*Introductory Price $15.00 

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*One week of honoring your everyday Sacred, begins July 1st. Content will be sent daily through email. I invite you to share daily in our Facebook group. This page will be private.