I am super excited to announce I am a contributor for Camera Craft an online E-course, Created by Galia Alena!

Seeing… this is my way.

The way I collect stories.


The way I tell of my gratitude.

The way I discover my voice.

Then it’s the way I share it.

The way I explore this life happening now.

*In Camera Craft I share how I document and tell the tale of my travels.

“Camera Craft is designed to help demystify your camera and the technical side of photography, empowering you to follow your inspiration, and make expressive and beautiful images. It is photography 101 and it is so much more. I want the participants to walk away feeling like they have enough of a grasp of the technical stuff that they can really let their creative voices sing.”
Some lovely other contributors you will learn from: Stacy De La Rosa, Jeanette LeBlanc, Erin Faith Allen, Misty Mawn, Danielle Cohen and more!!! It’s going to be a deep and revolutionary experience!
Registration begins in 30 min! Read more info and sign up here::
*Oh and if you sign up through my little link here, it would make me extra happy. xoxo