Dirty 30…

We are starting off pretty damn well. We recently moved to Washington State. I began working at a Floral company. We spend our days cuddled up with our pups in front of our fireplace, drinking cocktails and hiking the multitude of mountains that surround us. To say that I am lucky is an understatement. In the last several years I never dreamed this would actually be my reality. Ok I dreamed it… But I didn’t actually believe it.

This year will provide it’s own sets of ups and downs. It’s own surprises. I am probably not prepared for some of them and others I will welcome with open arms. If last year taught me anything, it’s that life is truly full of surprises and I am much stronger than I ever thought possible. So with that in mind I will offer up another “dreams” list for another year.

A guide to give me motivation when I feel like I am not moving forward. A reminder when I feel down trodden, that magic is just around the corner.


1: Try snow shoeing

2: Take a dip in a hot springs

3: Visit Olympic Peninsula

4: Visit Canada (Victoria? or Vancouver? Hell, how about both!)

5: Bake more pies, I don’t know why

6: Become a master at stews and soups. A skill I feel is needed for living here in Washington.

7: Learn to arrange and maintain florals/plants

8: Work my way up to a 10miles hike

9: See a starfish in a tide pool

10: Visit Leavenworth at Christmas. (Reindeer Farm, Sliegh Ride, Ornament shopping)

11: Cut down our own Christmas tree at Tiny Tree Farm

12: Tour a beer factory and maybe even a whiskey distillery for my love

13: Visit Seattle’s China Town

14: Try jump seating

15: Take moms and sis to get macaroons and champagne

16: Concoct a photographable picnic complete with a plaid woolen blanket

17: Print photo for above dining table

18: Renew passport

19: Get 2nd tattoo (Floral shoulder cap)

20: Rent bikes in Seattle and go exploring

21: Visit one of Washington’s famous flower festivals! (Lavender, Tulip and I think there is a daffodil one too!)

22: Visit Japan

23: Learn to make Creme Brûlée

24: Camp at high altitude for sunrise views from our tent. Or camp in a fire look out.

25: Learn to make butter beer

26: Get our meat from a local butcher

27: Visit Mt. Rainer

28: Buy a fire pit

29: *Dirty 30* weekend with my girls