“Your art. Your honesty. Your openness. Is your magical secret sauce.
You are starlight and amethyst and gold dust and rose.”

Stacy De La Rosa

“Ashley is an indelible light emerging from the shadow. She has an awareness of herself and a level of confidence seldom seen in such a young woman.

In her art she uses a visual language that is poignant, targeted and purposeful. Her voice stems from her own deep wounding and takes the viewer to the depths of her soul yet leaves us with a sense of hope, a lightness that makes it somehow bearable.

Her art stirs and arouses something so deep one can’t articulate it but it’s familiar and healing. Viewing her art also inspires us to visit the dark corners of our own soul and bring our authentic shadow experiences forward into our art.

Her art is a thrilling collision of her quirky, courageous personality which is raw and real, poised against the backdrop of her stunning outer beauty.”

Big Luscious Love, Katariina Fagering

“Congratulations on discovering old soul Ashley Fincham’s blog, “A Global Walk”… you have found an electronic treasure map!

Whilst most websites and blogs are chewing-gum for the mind, Miss Fincham’s blog serves up dish after dish of perfectly portioned entrees for the mind, soul, and heart.

Visiting AGW is, quite simply, like getting LASIK surgery for your perspective.

Whether she is painting pictures with her words or telling stories with her pictures,

Miss Finchamis always striving ahead whilst leaving a trail of wisdom and hope for those lucky enough to follow her on this blogventure.

I challenge you to find a more consistently rewarding use of your free time.

Whether you are in it for the visceral enjoyment of her art, the thought-provoking enjoyment of her ideas, the overarching narrative of the journey

(if you look close enough, this project can be seen as a longitudinal study of one genius’s life and times)

or just because you like to see pretty things and alternative perspectives on life, I can promise you that there is something in this blog for everyone- for in mankind’s newly discovered Internet Sea,

“A Global Walk” is floating along in a beautifully merry struggle that you will find yourself wanting to return to and, quite possibly, maroon yourself at forever.

Do it and thank me when you’re older.”

Vinnie Gwozdz