Alright so as you have seen i’m an obsessive blogger about one day a week! I throw up a billion things for you to read “or not read” and then I hide for about another week probably behind a book. Just when you think i’m never coming back I explode with 4 more posts. Teasing isn’t it? 

I started a new job a bit ago and it’s going well. Especially when I have beat juice stain’s on my arm and strangers tell me i’m bleeding! Yes the life of a juice bar barista! It’s pretty fun being able to dance around with some fruit and your favorite friends! 

(Fruitive: my new job)

You can see by my post’s iv been snapping away at those little ones running around my house because hey wether they like it or not (they probably don’t) They are too darn cute not to capture! 


I spend most of my times these day’s reading brain neurology books. Was that a chuckle? I’m so serious right now, so serious! I have been learning so much about us homosapien’s and it has made my little life so much cooler. 

Not cooler temperature wise though let me tell you! It’s a billion degree’s here and this long sleeve flannel shirt doesn’t help. I keep hoping that I can summon the powers of fall into Virginia beach. I even put my iced coffee in a mug to pretend i’m cozy and not sweeting like a very un-lady like girl.