(photo by: Ashe Arends)

This has been a long time coming.

With hushed lips I have held this secret… this change in my heart and soul.

We are two weeks away from his leaving to boot camp. Our lives will forever change on that day.

Whole new experiences as humans, as husband and wife will open up then.

As our house is in the midst of this transition, all boxed up and bare walls.

I can’t help but think about all the steps that have lead us here.

Every year bringing such incredible transitions as I grown from a shaky searching girl into a woman who knows.

Who stands on her own two feet. A woman who makes tough choices. Beautiful choices.

Who says YES to her life in a thousand ways every year.

I can’t help but think about where I have come from.

5 years ago this time of year, I lived in Germany. That time over sea’s laid the foundation for becoming the woman I am now. All the questions, all the stirrings, all the dreams I dreamt up, built a pathway for me to walk upon.

3 years ago this time, I was in England/Paris with some woman who have forever changed my life. It was here I learned how to go deep within and truly begin the work of accepting all that I am. Vulnerability became the banner I walked with. No more hiding.

2 years ago this time, I was at an art retreat in California working along side some of my heroes, beginning to see that my dreams were becoming my reality. I realized as I got on the plane that I wanted to be with him. I wanted to be his forever.

1 year ago we were planning our wedding. Only weeks away from getting married under gothic trees by the sea.

This year he is leaving to put on his uniform and serve his country. I am packing and awaiting his departure, awaiting the day we will begin this new chapter. We will be by the sea on the opposite side of the country. New place, new home, new jobs, new community. A complete start over.

It’s happening. A year in the making, the time has finally come.

-The Finchams are on the move.-

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