IMG_4617aworldofartaworldofart2“I believe the art journaling movement is a revolution for self expression.” 

A few days ago Dawn DeVries newest book and follow up to the incredible 1,000 Artist Journal Pages , was released into the world, A World of Artist Journal Pages.

Expanding the original concept of peeking into the journals of a few artists to encapsulate 230 artists from all over the world.

I knew my copy was in transit, however the excitement was too great to wait. Knowing a copy sat on a local book shelf somewhere. I had to find it. So I did.

I have flipped through it’s pages already a total of three times. Soaking in the visual magic. Reading the interviews. Collecting the names of many new to me artists whom I can’t wait to look up and delve into more.

The genius of this book is already overwhelming. I hope everyone takes the time to really dig into the artists that contributed. Visit their websites and say hello!

I honor everyone whom contributed for putting their voice and soul out there to inspire the world.

*Gratitude* All over the place.

As a girl of 19 I found 1,000 Artist Journal Pages, still a fledgling in the art world, I consumed it! As well as every book I could find on the topic of art journaling or altered books.

Now as a woman whom has recently spread her wings in this Devine Creative Collective, I feel I have come full circle by being featured and included. (Pages 200-203)

It is an honor to walk along side each and every artist in this book. Or more literally to be published along side of you. It is an honor to have Dawn DeVries curate such a beautiful compilation of voices and creative expressions. With a bow down Thank You! I hope everyone goes to support the fiery souls who created A World of Artist Journal Pages.

You can buy a copy HERE. Or pick one up at your local book store.


Much love and light,

Ashley Fincham

(Or as you will find me in the book Ashley Fielden!)



A few artists to check out while you wait for your copy:

Erin Faith Allen

Orly Avineri

Galia Alena

Brian Kasstle

Katie Kendrick

Juliette Crane