For several years now I have seen incredible images of slot canyons. The swirl of dirt mingling with sun beams.
The electric hues of pink, purple and orange that sand stone takes as the lighting shifts. It looked other worldly. I had dreamed of going ever since.
Before our trip while I was researching I was a little bummed to find out a lot of the slot canyons are only accessed by tours.
I wanted to see a slot canyon but without the tourists.
I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to see the beams or the bright colors.
I was afraid all my photos would have a crowd of strangers in them.
But damn we got lucky… Our guide Roe told us history/legends of the land and Navajo.
He made sure everyone got opportunities to take photos. Thank GOODNESS! We loved you Roe!
Somehow the crowd faded into the background, it felt like it was just us in a majestic fantasy world.
Even Nathaniel turned into a photographer. That’s saying something.

WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!!! I wanna go back!