Hello, my name is Christian, and I’m a photographer. In my line of work, I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of beautiful women who have pleasantly symmetrical features, beautiful proportions and vibrant skin. On the other hand, I’ve also met a lot of women who feel like they lack some of this thing called “beauty”. They are usually either struggling with reaching their ideal weight, or not completely satisfied with some, if not sev­eral, of their features. Sadly, they shy away from my camera thinking they are not pretty enough. Some of them even go as far as say ing they ‘HATE!’ the way they look. These women are all too aware they do not quite add up to our society’s skewed stan­dards of beauty.

Over time and after talking to a lot of the physically beautiful women about their beauty, a certain theme started to emerge. The norm seemed to be that there was always some thing to complain about. “My nose is too round”, “I’m not tall enough”, “My lips are too thin”… Even though these ladies were blatantly the subject of adoration and envy of many men and women, the over whelming major ity of them were not happy with their looks.

At first this was really surprising to me, but with a lit tle more thought I came to the sad realization that most women are unhappy with the way that they look, regard less of their physical beauty.

Thankfully, I’ve come to know a different kind of woman; a rare kind that is joy ful and content with herself, irrespective of her insecurities. I have found it refreshing to talk to a woman who does not constantly complain about her flaws. She is happy and confident despite wonder ing whether her hips may be too large or her hands too wrinkly. Her nose may be crooked but that is not an issue, there is much more to her than her outward appear ance. She is wise and lov ing, inspir ing and full of life. In reality, regard less of this woman’s “imperfections”, she is by far the most attractive of them all.

I know being content in one’s own skin is difficult, especially when living in our sexually explicit culture that puts a huge value on our looks. We are constantly bombarded with magazine articles and TV shows, leading us to believe that our outer appearance is much more important than it actually is. Our culture’s obsession with being skinny and seemingly flawless has ruined many lives and stolen so much of our joy. Eating dis­orders, depression, and self-loathing are just some of the results of us constantly comparing our features to others. It is a tragic reality, and it has to stop.

A woman becomes so much more attractive when she stops worry ing about her out ward beauty, and concentrates instead on develop ing the tremendous beauty already within her. Like becoming increasingly more lov ing and more thoughtful, more self less and more kind, because that is where true beauty resides. A beautiful woman is ageless and humble, caring and tender, she may or may not be physically perfect, but on the inside, she is a gem.

So finally, I would like to tell you that there is much more to life than how thin or fat your arms may be. We all have insecurities and imperfections, but it is not until we make peace with those flaws that we can become truly beautiful.

Do not buy into the shallowness of our culture.

Be who you are meant to be, a wonderful and amazing creature.

His AMAZING work is here :http://www.aghaphoto.com/

He is one of my closest and dearest friends with a wise and loving heart. He also happens to be incredibly talented as a photographer.  I look up to him so much in so many ways!