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Florida has slowly but surely grown on me. Shit, I never thought I would say that.
It’s been a running joke in my family that I disliked the hot muggy tourist filled state. “I will neeeeeevvver live there.”
As life usually has its way, Florida was given to my love for our first duty station.
Obviously that would happen a few weeks before we were to move to California. (My dream state to live in.)
We choose to make the best of it anyway.
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We arrived with emotions clashing. Excitement at a new world opening and pangs of anxiety at a pending deployment.
This made everything raw at its edges as we explored fast and furiously.
Beaches strewn with sea shells and downed trees.
Natural springs refreshing to our sun warmed skin.
Asian street food in the hipster part of town.
Exploring all the coffee shops.
The neighborhood dog parks.
Riding horses on the beach, manatee searching, sky diving.
Some of these places/things are now our stomping grounds.
Places that once felt  foreign are now creeping into the category of Home.


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Over this last year I have to say, I was wrong about Florida.
(Well partially wrong… it is a humid + tourist filled state.)
I was wrong that I would never enjoy living here.
This last year we have come so far together.
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I was asked the other day by two Navy wives over pretzels: “Would you guys want to stay here when he goes up for orders?”
“Nope, not a chance,” I said. Not because I have a lingering dislike for Florida. Not in the slightest.
It’s more like I want to leave Florida on a high note. Like leaving a lover before it’s all dashed to bits, you know?
Let’s leave a bit of wanderlust and mystery between us… Id like to remember you fondly.
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It’s an exciting life being a military couple, much of your life is lived in between…
Which is to say not everything is familiar and yet you start thinking of wherever you are as home.
You get this sweet mixture of roots and rootlessness. I am kinda in love with it.
So Cheers To Our One Year Anniversary In Florida!
To all the adventures we have had and to all the adventures still to come in this state and the next.