Stopping to smell wild flowers with petals of golden yellow and blood. Collecting them in small handfuls, as cars stream by in blurs.

Finding a nest… just then… at my feet. Small and fragile and perfect.

Wine… Good Wine. With a name like Apothic… inspired by the “Apotheca,” a mysterious place where wine was blended and stored in 13th century Europe.

Tasting mystery on your tongue.

My father in laws gift of 6 point antlers the color of carmel. And how he thinks of me even when we are not around.

Seafood dinner with loved ones and small walks for Italian pastries.

All day store hoping with my mother, drinking coffee and searching for treasures.

Thunder storms… all of them. Crackling through the sky with electric heat.

Here… Right now… and how the time moves quicker than it ever has in my life.

How looking at him, his eyes, his smile, reminds me how long we have already been together and how really it hasn’t been long at all.

Breakfasts with dad and how you never really feel too grown to have dad and daughter dates.

How abundance comes in many forms. Like dinners given when we most needed them.