1: Attend a proper wine tasting

Thank you Portland Buddies for taking us to our first proper wine tasting! It was a perfect day of beach hopping and wine tasting! xoxo

2: Eat a traditional Korean meal

We are so into Korean food. Especially the various pots of Kimchi served with it!

3:Take a floral milk bath

Although I have access to plenty of flowers, we don’t have a bathtub. So this was a no go.

4:  Make  video of 2018 using: 1 Second Everyday  

I haven’t missed a single day since Jan 1st, 2018! I have a few more months to go, so wish me luck! If you haven’t ever used the app, it’s a great way to stay creative with a minimal amount of time.

5: Prepare a five course meal. or go eat one out

Didn’t try, maybe when we get friends?

6: Go to an archery range or gun range

We went camping in the Olympic Peninsula where we were able to practice shooting.

7: Go to a drive in movie theater, because my love has never been

I want to take him to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them this November. Super excited!!

8: Purchase a new camera

My love bought me an incredible Canon Mark 4 as my christmas present. How lucky? It is a dream boat. Oh and so is he!

9: Take photos in a photo booth with my love

AHHH. I love Seattle! There are several locations within Seattle that still have legit film photo booths! If your in Pikes Place Market go visit Orange Dracula. If your out looking for a good dive bar head over to Montana Bar for another photo booth!

10: Fancy cheese night, try cheeses I have never heard of

I surprised my love when he returned from one of his last under ways with this spread. I have to say that cheese platters may be their own love language.

11: Get in-design

No go

12: Own our very own house… dwelling… abode… home…

We don’t own our home but we did get the most wonderful house here in Washington. With a yard for the dogs, loads of sunlight and beautiful hardwood floors. I have stayed pretty smitten with it!

13: Find myself in a spontaneous adventure I couldn’t have imagined

When I wrote this list last year, I knew that there was a huge possibility that we would be moving before I turned 29. But I wasn’t sure when or where. Well we were right, we sure did move! From coast to coast in fact. Jacksonville, Florida allllllllllll the way to Marysville, Washington. Taking the opportunity that was given to us, we did an old fashioned cross country road trip. Complete with stops to Rocky Mountain National Park, The Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. I never dreamed that in a year I would visit Colorado, Wyoming and Montana before moving to the dream state of Washington! (Think I will add this “spontaneous adventure I couldn’t imagine” to every goal list!) My love has settled into his new command and I now work as a florist. Our lives have changed so immensely it’s actually quite hard to put it all into words. xo

14: Make Artifact Uprising vacation book

Always and forever Artifact Uprising will be my favorite photo book company. They always turn out astounding! Can’t wait to create a photo book of our cross country adventure. Which I am creating at a turtle speed. Slow and steady wins the race right? bahahaha

15: Buy plants/grow herbs again

With working at a florist, I have had ample opportunities to bring home plants. A wonderful perk of my new digs!

16: Focus on living healthier together

I would say in general we have been able to accomplish this. Admittedly him more than I. But with moving to Washington we have increased our activity with hiking. We purchase our veggies from farmers and our meat directly from a local butcher. We’re cooking/eating healthier this way. I have increased the amount of water I drink, which is hard because I do love my coffee and alcohol diet. bahaha

17: Write a Florida adventure post for people living in Jacksonville

Basically just a little love letter to all the things I most enjoyed about our time living in Florida. xoxo

18: Take pups to see snow

Y’all!!! These dogs and snow are akin to an addict and crack. Ok maybe thats a crude joke, but seriously they couldn’t get enough. Their hyper-ness level increased ten fold!  They would dive head first into the snow and then run around like crazy. Im telling you! Addicts.

19: Plan a Christmas cabin getaway. Wear plaid and make fires

I have it planned! Waiting on my love to give me dates for December so I can book our Christmas cabin getaway in Leavenworth Washington. Its a weekend complete with ALL things Christmas!

20: Visit Savannah

For my 28th birthday the Mr. planned a weekend getaway to Savannah. Complete with the cutest Air B&B and loads of incredible foodie stops.

21: Drink a Florida Mule from Ice Plant Bar

Damn this place is good. I was feeling high on life the night we went. After two years of anticipation this place lived up to the hype. Actually it exceeded it. Just go…

22: Hike with the pups

These dogs were made to hike. 100% would give the energizer bunny a run for it’s money.

23: Visit Harry Potter World. Try every butter beer

I GOT TO GO! Thanks to the best momma in the world, she gave my love and I tickets to spend the weekend with my sister, her hubs and the oldest kiddo at Universal Orlando. It would be an understatement to say I was excited. You can ask the Mr. I was beaming in my childhood dream of going to Hogsmead and trying butterbeer! We rode the Hogwarts Express and pretty much did every nerd thing I could think of. Because you only live once. Am I right?

24: Purchase sage/Incense

Purchased incense. Brought some home to remind me of India.

25: Purchase a book by the artist Peter Beard 

One has not materialized and I have yet to purchase it on my own. Opps.

26: Try an amaretto sour

I have been missing out! My momma said it was her signature drink back in the day. And I can see why! They are easy on the pallet these little temptresses.

27: Learn to make my father-in-laws famous oyster stuffing

This last christmas (2017) we drove back to Virginia to see my loves family one last time before our move. On christmas eve my father in law and I made his famous oyster stuffing together. I can’t wait to make it every holiday for my love to remind him of home.

28: Begin dreaming more, because this list was so fucking hard to write this year