Dirty 30…

I am finally here. Guess that means I am grown up? Is there an age where that inherently happens? Or was it the moment a few years back when I was excited toilet paper was on sale? Im not really sure anymore. But here I am regardless. Feeling particularly proud of myself for all that I have been able to experience and live through this year. Grit, grace and gratitude go a LONG way when trying to hand make your life into what you dream of.

1: Try snow shoeing

What a weird and fun thing snow shoeing is! At first I felt awkward and unnatural. But soon, you get used to it. Once you can climb up places that shoes would normally slip and slide on. You begin to love it.

2: Take a dip in a hot springs

Yes please! All the hot springs are welcome. We actually visited two this year and although I like the one in Oregon more. I will never forget snow shoeing up to a hidden mountain hot spring. Two dreams checked off in one day. (Pictured first. Oregon pictured second.)

3: Visit Olympic Peninsula

We have been several times now. Each time I feel like I am coming home. As the ferry approaches the island my heart quiets. My love and I had a dream of watching the sunset on the most north west tip of the United states and we were able to do that on his last spear fishing trip. its a wonderland, truly.

4: Visit Canada (Victoria? or Vancouver? Hell, how about both!)

Vancouver! Although we have only had a little taste of Vancouver, we enjoyed it. Some really amazing food and the most beautiful blooming trees. Plus everyone had their pups hanging out with them which we loved.

5: Bake more pies, I don’t know why.

Im not a huge baker. Never have been. But I do love some peach cobblers or some cranberry/blueberry pies. I won’t make you a cake. But I will bake you a pie with scalloped edges and little puppy dog cut outs on top.

6: Become a master at stews and soups. A skill I feel is needed for living here in Washington.

My love and I have created some very yummy stews over the winter months. Especially with his homemade bone broths. It has been fun to experiment and eat the hearty warm meals that were just not that appealing while we lived in Florida.

7: Learn to arrange and maintain florals/plants

I am finally living out a longtime dream of mine. Become a florist. It is a job that i would secretly wish to have. My best friend said to me the other day while I was feeling low: “Babe you are living your dream. You used to wish to live in the mountains hiking and working as a florist with your pups and love and now that is your life.” She was so right. I had forgotten how much I had longed for the life I now have.

8: Work my way up to a 10miles hike

DID IT! Ironically it was one of the only hikes where I didn’t take any photos. It was a wet and foggy day and I didn’t want to risk damage to my camera. But we did it. Hiked to Bridal falls and then onward to Lake Serene before heading back clocking in our first 10.2 mile hike.

9: See a starfish in a tide pool

I finally saw these beauties. They were everywhere when we visited the Oregon Coast. EVERYWHERE! I love them! The one I am holding we hopefully saved by placing it back in the water.

10: Visit Leavenworth at Christmas. (Reindeer Farm, Sleigh Ride, Ornament shopping)

BEST CHOICE EVER! It is Christmas HEAVEN! I hung out with reindeer, bought the most beautiful finch blown glass ornament and drank glühwein while eating giant pretzels underneath an array of Christmas lights!

11: Cut down our own Christmas tree at Tiny Tree Farm

We didn’t get around to doing this.

12: Tour a beer factory and maybe even a whiskey distillery for my love

This is still on my list. However we mostly stopped drinking back during the holidays. Which has been a great choice for us. Things change, you know?

13: Visit Seattle’s China Town

I always enjoy a good trip to China Town. Today was particularly special because it was the International District food festival. Yummy treats every few feet. I mean that zucchini spiral? and that ice cream!

14: Try jump seating

Perhaps another year. Big time traveling wasn’t in the cards this year.

15: Take moms and sis to get macaroons and champagne

Momma treated us to the fanciest and most beautiful macaroons. I have wanted to try these for a long time and I am so thankful for the treat.

16: Concoct a photographable picnic complete with a plaid woolen blanket

One of my favorite days was creating this special night. Local cheese, meats, chocolates and Komucha. Sunset at the ice caves. My three loves together. Perfect.

17: Print photo for above dining table

I know the photo of The Grand Tetons peak is blurry in this photo. But I was so proud when I framed that baby and hung it over our dining room table. It made my house feel like mine.

18: Renew passport

I am officially able to come to your country now!

19: Get 2nd tattoo (Floral shoulder cap)

It was between getting this or traveling and of course I always choose traveling.

20: Rent bikes in Seattle and go exploring

We have almost accomplished this several times but typically we end up eating and drinking and then don’t feel like cycling up massive city streets. I save the athletic effort for hikes rather than after tacos and beers.

21: Visit one of Washington’s famous flower festivals!

One of my favorite little day adventures was heading to see the huge fields of tulips. As a bonus we found the most magical and secret little greenhouse. I considering moving in and hanging out with the statues and doves. My love was a good sport too.

22: Visit Japan

Unfortunately we didn’t make it to Japan. Mainly because the entire family (including my love) wanted to go to Hawaii. I know, I know. Not a bad trade off.

23: Learn to make Creme Brûlée

I purchased Creme Brûlée dishes in Seattle and we had a friend over to try our hand at making this scrumptious treat. In my book we did a fantastic job. The sweet sound of spoon hitting crust was amazing!

24: High altitude sunrise hike.

Rattlesnake Ledge is the best for a sunrise hike. Not too difficult and just look at that view! Basically HEAVEN.

25: Learn to make butter beer

Its no secret that I adore Harry Potter. It had been nearly a year since visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Ready to relive those magical moments of butter beer in the Leaky Cauldron I decided to make my own from scratch. They turned out as beautiful as they tasted.

26: Get our meat from a local butcher

We adore getting meat from Silvana Meats 

27: Visit Mt. Rainer

Mt. Rainer is a beautiful sight. Extremely worth the two hour drive. We have been twice now. Once in the fall and once in the winter. I prefer fall.

28: Buy a fire pit

     My love gifted me a beautiful fire pit for Christmas!

29: *Dirty 30* weekend with my girls

Jokes. I don’t know where I thought all the time and money would come from.