The compassion of a child will snap you right out of your little world right into the present moment.

 Sugar plumb (Scarlet) began to sob just now because ariel from the little mermaid was about to die. The evil sea witch looked as if she was about to win. My, my how this little girl moves my heart. She was worried for the prince, for the sea creatures and for poor little mermaid. She felt anguish over it! How beautiful it is isn’t it? How compassion is woven into our heart’s even at the ripe old age of two. How we need to forever tap into our “little us” and find all those emotions before we tainted them. Little sugar plumb teaches me to love from a pure heart all the time. She has the softest spirit just like her mommy and it is breath taking. She is a delight and I take notes from her all the time. It’s funny that i’m older and technically smarter but sometimes I really think we’d all be a lot better off if we just acted like children and stopped pushing each 

other to grow up! They have a wisdom we have

 long forgotten.