Have I been doing this for a decade now? Why yes, yes I have. Isn’t that crazy!?

The last six months of my 30th year the world got hit with Covid-19. Plans big and small all over the world were altered forever. What I learned was to never leave for tomorrow what can be experienced/done today. The trite and oh so true “Carpe Diem / Seize the day” comes to mind. When it comes to making memories and experiencing life there really is no time like today. I have always been intentional about building into the structor of my life things that brought me joy. Always endeavoring to find the positive and life giving aspects in each season of life. Remembering no matter the circumstances I can shape my goals. This year a new level of that revelation has sunk in. I can not control the world or what happens in it. All I can do is pivot and make the best of it.

With spending much more time at home I have chosen to find pleasure in “Homesteading” skills. 

Thus, this years list looks waaaaaayyyyyy different than ever before.


1: Learn to “can” using the water bath method.

2: Make a floral inspired gin-champagne cocktail complete with a floral ice bucket and ice cubes. 

3: Plant a vegetable garden spring 2021.  

4: Learn how to make yogurt.

5: Purchase seeds from Floret. And or harvest seeds from flowers, dry and sew in the spring of 2021.

6: Learn some fermenting methods, such as sauerkraut. 

7: Buy a large freezer and then purchase a grass fed ½ cow. 

8: Learn to breathe through my nose. Seriously listen and or read this book: Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art, then you will know what I am talking about. 

9: Purchase wetsuit, so that I can go on some spearfishing adventures with my love. 

10: Make infused vinegars.

11: Make infused epsom salts.

12: Make pickled eggs.

13: Learn how to make butter.

14: Purchase giant blueberry bushes.

15: Learn how to cure meat.

16: Learn to make Liqueurs. Or infuse Spirits with fruit and or herbs.

17: Hike snow lake trail.

18: Make homemade pasta with my love. 

19: Learn how to compost.

20: Learn how to make cheese.

21: Learn to make sourdough bread. 

22: Make scented massage oils. 

23: If travel opens up go to Maui or Ireland

24: Make my own hot sauces.

25: Hike Hidden Lake Trail.

26: Go to Harry Potter World with my entire family. 

27: Learn to snowboard. 

28: Learn about raising chickens. 

29: Hike Storm King on the Olympic Peninsula. 

30: Go foraging especially for mushrooms. Potentially connect with local foraging communities. 

31: Read 12 books.