OH spontaneous adventures how you seize us with inspiration and push us out into the muggy summer rain. How you swallow us in memories and fog and wet muddy shoes! You dance with us among the streets and pull us toward this moment. Thank you for all your blushing sweetness. 

We were puddle hunters today! Or accidentally pronounced we became “puddle humper’s.” It was only said once though, so I pretended not to notice and pointed out a near by rabbit we gave the name bershard bush too. He was shades of auburn and dust. He cleaned out his whiskers with fervent paws. And because I was with a two and four year old the moment quickly gave way to jumping in more muddy puddles. We had delicious fun hunting them in our neighborhood. The musk of the hot summer day settling. We played sword fighting with tender sticks on the side walks and smelt the dahlia’s as we passed!

We then took the little ones to get cleaned of summer’s play, (only after a kitchen dance party.) I remember my mom doing the same when I was little. Sitting in the tub for what seemed to be hours. Pretending to be a mermaid or playing with my barbies. I always got lost in my tangled imaginings. Not much has change I guess… Although I no longer keep barbies in the bath I still get lost in play like these kiddo’s do. It’s good to be young and alive.