I love books. This isn’t a secret.

Whenever I have extra money I am buying a book. I think knowledge and growth are essential to my health and happiness, thus I read A LOT!  I get giddy when I see books people are reading and what is inspiring them and my reading list grows and grows all the time. I want to share books that I have read or am reading with you to spread some inspiration around. Feel free to drop me a note with your favorite books!

4 Books to Take into the Studio: 




1) In My Bones By: Orly Aveneri.

Orly Aveneri has created a sensational book including a honest and raw visual feast. This isn’t a how to book which is exactly what I had been craving. It is pure art and story. I love artists real journals, I am always on the look out for published art journals. Orly teaches evocative workshops all over the world. If you get a chance take one it will change you in ways you never expected, but until then purchase this beauty! Okay? Buy HERE.







2) Brave Intuitive Painting By: Flora Bowley.

Flora Bowley is one of my favorite teachers of all time. Her unique blend of dance, yoga, intentions and painting are a blessing to whomever takes her class. wether you have or have not taken her class this book reveals a lot about the creative work she has and is doing as well as illuminating a path for you to cultivate your own intuitive mark. Intuition is that gut feeling we all have and this is the place from which Flora leads her workshops.  Allow Flora to guide you with this book. Let go. Be bold. Unfold. Buy HERE.







3) The Bodacious Book of Succulence By: SARK.

Has there ever been an author or musician that you just can’t get enough of? You know all the songs by heart, read every word? That’s Sark for me. I found her work first when I was in high school, to be honest I think I found it at the library and took it home with me just because of all the color. I was getting into Art Journaling and began soaking in every word. OH MY GOODNESS-she is an amazing soul, a light beacon! I recommend all of her books but this one will boost your creativity because when you dare to live your wild life fully, creativity can’t help but flow. Don’t you want to be daring today? Buy HERE.






4) Brave on the Rocks By: Sabrina Ward Harrison.

I believe whatever work of art you are making Brave on the Rocks is an essential book to read and gaze upon. Sabrina Ward Harrison is a revolutionist. If your looking for a book that is full of tantalizing, layered imagery this one is for you. If your looking for a book that tells of love of travel of struggle of what it is to be messy and brave this one is for you! She is brave indeed and raw and rooted. She stood on the edge and claimed her creative dreams. Thats what I always want from a book. Right now and always. Don’t you? Buy HERE.