As I was INterviewing Jen Louden she said something that helped me energetically shift.

She said: “There were many subtle ways in which I thought I needed to be somebody other than I was. Especially in my work, someone wiser or a better speller! I had such the impostor syndrome when I published my first book at 27 or 28. For so many years of teaching and speaking I would think how dare I be doing this! What is so beautiful is when young wise woman claim their life experience for where they are. There is a humbleness in this claiming of what I know right, right here!”

I have been feeling exactly like this, as I step into my role of artist/teacher/healer.

I think: “I may be too young to be able to help others heal.” Although I don’t wholeheartedly believe this, but remnants of doubt still exist in my soul.

In my photography work it isn’t unheard of to have a young sharp entrepreneur, in fact they are often sought out for their “fresh perspective.” This seems to not translate the same way in the world of healers or teachers. In both my own perspective as well in some I have encountered they share the same thought that only age brings wisdom. I am shifting these beliefs around my own thoughts surrounding the value of my story and the wisdom my stories carry.

Years do not necessarily equate to more knowledge. 

I have these parts in me that squirm when I think of teaching/leading through writing healing work or when I think of writing a book (which I dream to do). What is it I could possibly have to offer, I think? People won’t take me seriously, what do I have to say at this young of an age?

Perhaps it is true my story has less chapters as of now than most teachers/healers, however does this mean it is lacking in depth? Does this mean it is void of value, wisdom, truth?

These last few months I have literally jumped off the rocky mountain into a role I have craved for as long as I can remember: “Artist” in it’s multifaceted meanings felt like slipping into a cool calm lake after a hot, tiresome summer day of work.

What I know to be true even more than that I am an artist is I am a story teller.

I translate through word, photograph or collage the events unfolding in my life and in others lives into a tangible story. This is my gift and my calling.

In many ways I have eased into this role over the course of all my years as I discovered more and more about what this path I have chosen looks like and allowing the universe to co-create with me. There is a great deal of trust happening and it has to be this way. This choice in unnerving in many ways. It isn’t convenient at times. It isn’t the safest route. However it makes me come alive, thrive!

A conscious choice opens up your mind, body and soul.

Ideas flow as my brain is activated in healthy imaginings. Which means my anxiety is nearly nonexistent.

My body desires to exercise again and has joy welling out of it, laughing all the time.

My soul feels fed- taken care of and is getting me out in nature again.

As all aspects of me are activated -Mind-Body-Soul- I realize how intrinsically valuable my story is and how it is worth telling. I realize a deep craving to hear or read your stories, to provide a safe container or platform for this to occur. I realize how big these desires are. I realize how much I believe in this truth: Both the teller and the listener can be healed.

“Writing is a full-circle experience of healing.” -Tina Welling (Pg.139, Writing Wild) 

I believe in this truth.

Wether you are much younger than I or much older, your story is worth telling because you are human. Period. If I believe this -which I do- then I must believe this as my truth too.

Worth isn’t found in experience, years, trophies or incomes it is found in human existence. It is found in love.