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Tina Welling (Author of Writing Wild) Says: “Some writers in the past have thought that living fully meant drinking heavily, experiencing many adventures, having a variety of lovers, and putting themselves in life-threatening danger. A full life, as many viewed it, was found at the extremes.” “Readers are still desiring reading about experiences that are not easily accessible to them, but that desire has changed from a broader experiences of life to a deeper experience of life, one with intensity and fullness and intimacy uncommon to most of us.”

I wanted to experience nature, I wanted to ravish my senses in her beauty. I wanted to find treasures hidden in the grass and walking in the wood.

I wanted to feel her fresh air upon my face and only hear sounds she makes. I wanted to be wild for a while and forget about emails, lists, and all things work.

I wanted to take in as much beauty as one can and hold it deep in my belly and feel it stir up my truth and my answers. I wanted to be present and intentional.

And so I did. We left for the Eastern Shore just for a few hours of exploring. Because sometimes that is all you have a few hours, a few dollars.

Magic happens when you set your intention and then follow it’s breath with ease. We had the most wonderful time exploring forts and marshes, beaches and woods.

We lived there and then and it was perfect.

Really ponder for a moment:

What experience of life do you want?

How can you create this?

Ask the questions, hold them.

Answers will come.