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“Have you given thanks for the tears you shed, the water you drink?

The cleansing properties of water allow us to embrace our next level of growth.



and Externally.”

-Jamie Sams (Earth Medicine)

With water, with tea, tell YOUR story of healing.

(I received this magic package called: Agony of Leaves full of all the above earthy blessings!

I am on a journey to fall in love with tea and to bring more healing to my body.

I am learning everyday to take care of this vessel:

This living, breathing, flesh and bone.


The only one I will ever be able to embrace as my home.

An easy way I think is to drink more earthy goodness.

To feel the warm herbal tea flowing in my veins.

Lindsay Luna was kind enough to gift me with this glorious offering.

I believe it is because I need to tell my story of healing to myself and to you.)