Because of my food allergies I have been slowly gathering recipes I can make myself. One because I feel oh so accomplished making something from scratch and two so I know nothing in the recipe is unsafe…

My dear friend has been making his own Almond Milk for a while now and it’s the best i’v ever tasted.

SOOOO much better than what you buy in stores.

*It does take some thinking ahead.

Almond Milk:

What you will need:

Nut milk bag (for milking)

4 Dates

4 cups Water

1 cup Almonds soaked in water for 24 hours (Important)

1/4 teaspoon Vanilla exstract

Pinch of Salt


Take your almonds that have been soaking, Wash very well and drain water out. You won’t use this water in recipe.

Take your blender or vita-mix and blend dates with water until there are no chunks.

Add all ingredients and blend well.

Pour into nut bag and milk until all the nut leftover is in the bag and liquid is in a bowl.

-I like to put mine in the fridge before drinking. Warm milk isn’t my cup of tea. Either way it’s ready to enjoy!!!