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That’s what flutters into my mind when I think of this lovely print.

Amulet activates your being.





Filled to the brim with artists that will make you swoon and ignite something deep within you to live

more authentically,

more fully,

more engaged.

Not because your lacking or doing anything wrong.

It doesn’t have a bone in it’s body that leaves you deflated after reading.

Just very very full.

Like a hearty meal.

The kind where you kinda want more.

Okay you will defiantly want more!

Because that is just the kind of savory goodness they have made.

I had the amazing opportunity to be published along side  Stacy De la Rosa, Katariina Fagering, Rachael Rice and Isabel Abbott.

Just to name a few of the rich, sexy, inspiring woman who helped cook up Amulet Sping 2014 issue! 

A special thanks to Mary Beth Bonfiglio and Danielle Cohen for creating such a yummy platform for us all to gather and enjoy!

Maybe… Just maybe, you will fall in love with these woman and what they do like I have!

Spend some time over a cup of tea looking at all they have to offer and grab an issue of Amulet while your there!