Can you imagine spending day after day carving stone into intricate designs, faces, ancient symbols?

Can you close your eyes and imagine the sound of rock chipping away?

The long days of precise attention and labour?

The imagination to foresee all the possibilities!

Temple after temple exemplified a culture tethered by attention to ceremony and beauty.

It was all very tribal, humid, like living in a dancing body.

Perhaps a tired dancing body.

The holy places had these amazing trees made of roots intertwining like a praying pair of hands.

Volcanoes stood amazingly strong, distinct, dormant. Nature has a way doesn’t it?

Of reminding us of all that is capable of in life.

So much was mossy, and earthy.

So much reminded me of a soul beating in all its messy painful beauty.

This land looked ready for healing.

Like it’s beauty is tired and ready to be comforted and loved upon.