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Look at HIM! Look at Us..!

These were taken just a few days before he shipped out. A special sort of vulnerable, I never really understood until now.

Being a military wife is a whole different sort of ball game. No amount of prepping, planning, prepares you.

Some parts are easier than I thought until the curve balls come. They always come I hear.

The only thing I can count of other than him of course is change. Change always is accountable!

What I wouldn’t give to be in his arms again today. Just like in these photos.

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Thank you Brandy Brooks for documenting the end of one chapter and the beginning of another for us!

*All photographs were taken by my best friend, my sister Brandy Brooks of Bright Spot Photo! 

She does it all by the way. Families, weddings, newborns, you name it.

Check out her Facebook page for booking inquiries and for some more personal images of cute kids and life, check out her instagram!!!!! *