Call of the Wild Soul

“We are strong when we stand with another soul. When we are with others, we cannot be broken.”

-Woman Who Run With the Wolves

Iv met the most expansive woman here at the (Call of the Wild Soul.)

Woman so full of identity. Raw love pours from their spacious and true hearts.

I felt like a flower bud: Ripe and ready to open and grow.

They taught me not to rush the process. That MY TIMING is perfect.

I am exactly where I should be!

It’s a spilling open season where the cage of my body has cracked open.

The BOLD vulnerbility may now blossom forth.

I committed to vulnerability being my Strength. 

 We spent the weekend eating Moroccan food and drinking red wine.

We created paintings,photographs and art journals.

We laughed and flung open the shutters of our hearts. We spilled and cried and held! 

There is nothing like being with “Like-Minded” woman. Who are burtsing with the same life as you.

Call of the Wild Soul was a home for us. A place of safety to create and let our Wild love and creativity run!

I AM so blessed to have went and returned with a re-newed heart!