We strolled through Bluff View art district, a hint of humidity in the air. 

The children admired sculptures and ran wildly through the gardens.

We stopped and ate tiramisu and iced cappuccinos at Rembrandt. 

As a family we boarded the Chattanooga Choo Choo! Nearly an hour ride through Tennessee on a steam engine.

The kiddos ate it up. Leaning out the windows giggling and gasping.

It was a magical experience imagining what life would have been like in an era when this was the luxurious form of travel. 

My cousin and I branched off from our family for a morning of coffee and art.

We spent the morning inside the Hunter Art Museum. My favorites were Whitfield Lovell (above) and the (below) artist Robert Rauschenberg! 

Whitfield Lovell created a realm of beautiful portraits that transported you back in time.

His effortless way of combining objects we all recognize with people we have never seen created a deep connection to his art for me. 

P.S. The radios were playing Ella Fitzgerald. Perfect…

Memorial Day we spent celebrating family and life.

Especially too my father who not only served 20 years but also happens to have his birthday that day.

We ate, swam and laughed and ate some more as only Italians do.

Everywhere smelt of honey suckle and sounded like giggles.

Feet pitter patted around the pool as little bodies plunged into the water splashing aunts and uncles alike.

I watched and mused of how large our family has grown now that my generation have begun building their own families.

What it would be like to enjoy this holiday as a mother or father.

And very much appreciating my own.