Have I told you lately that I love you!

I adore photographing life. Life as it actually is: Moving, breathing, the beauty of souls.

It’s absolutely no secret that I ADORE my family with a PASSION! Blessed!! I am reminded of it often how rare it is to have a family like mine. Yesterday was my sisters husband’s birthday. He is waaaayyyy more of a brother than anything else! We get coffee, watch how I met your mother and play video games together. He has been the shoulder i’v cried on and the midnight laughter! He is something wonderful! We love him here in the Fielden and Brooks house hold! He is such a great daddy! Getting down on the floor wrestling and playing swords and dolls. He brings fresh flowers to my sister often and always says she is beautiful! We are BLESSED! So cheers to you my brother! Happy Birthday!


(Mini Photo shoot in our front lawn.)