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A dear friend recently told me she missed seeing my day to day life on here. It hadn’t occurred to me that I was absent in this way.
I had been photographing and writing as much if not more than I ever have, I had however simply not shared these “livings” here.
I have had an over flow of connections with amazing creatives through a new aspect of my company that I wanted to share everything about their lives and work, forgetting that many people come to this online home to also share in my journey. She reminded me of this.

*In this spirit I want to share some small corners of my life that truly bring me joy on a day to day basis.*


My mother and I go grocery shopping weekly, we sip coffee, pick out produce and laugh together. She bought me these succulents.


This little fellow flits in and out as I spend hours writing. He, the cardinals and the most beautiful cerulean blue jay come to visit me, keeping me company.


Curating Vignettes on my mantle. The center of our home has been adorned with bits of nature that I collect while on my nature walks. These nature walks are the fuel behind my writing, as I get into the wild of the earth I can get into the wild within.


Peonies… Lavish, unraveling and bold. Given to me straight from the belly of mother earth. Abundance is to be shared she said. Come over take some home…

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This deer antler which sat on our dinner table as we feasted after our marriage ceremony. Honoring life as well as death…

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Our garden filling the spaces of our balcony. Our cherry tomatoes are dangling and the cucumbers are bursting forth.


Writing. Every. Single. Day.

It has taken an immense amount of trust and focus to do this work. Being pulled and poured into so many spaces.



xoxo-Ashley Fincham