Between a car accident that rendered me home and a hurricane making it un-wise to venture out, I have been home since Friday.

Those of you who know me well, know that in this season it is rare for me to be held up for so long.

I have had a great deal of reflection time. And even more time for art making.

When in an art class I do not put much pressure on myself and I go with the flow of the teacher.

Making it so much easier to create and “Let Go” of the creation.

But how different it can be while faced with my art pieces for three days!

Three days of critiquing! 

I think God really has wanted me to create. Because this coming weekend I have taken off three days to do so. A total of six days this week set aside for art!!

This never ever happens! My days are so filled with work and people that I often come home after 3 a.m. collapse in bed and get up to the sounds of oatmeal covered lips laughing. Bright and shiny early!

I am slinging paint around, adding polaroids and quotes to my England journal,

feeling quite pleased and BRAVE!