I’m nearly nestled back into the flow of things.

Back to work.

Back to house.

A long day of photographing called for a much needed break.

I went to the kitchen put the kettle on and collected my favorite mug.

I pulled out this scrumptious loose leaf tea by: Lindsay Luna -Tea Goddess- that I received at the Call of the Wild Soul Art Retreat.

It’s beautiful floral petals, rosy and marigold.

The texture.

The smell.

I closed my eyes and remembered all the dreams that have come true over the last two weeks.

All the memories of Petaluma flooded back to me.

The rich intoxicating landscape.

All the new sisters I have met.

All the doors flung wide open in my heart.

And all the layers I left behind.

I sat and remembered my dreams and future realities.

I remembered my peace.

Thank you for the many gifts you have given me.

I am more deeply me because of them.