Sometimes I’d think to myself there’s no such thing as a pearl in the freaking oyster or silver lining or hope for that matter!

I ‘d gotten bogged down by emotions like disappointment and anger. 

To read all those hippy/happy go lucky books pissed me off! Some days I’d throw them across the room and some days i’d set it down in confusion and then some days my heart would open enough to say:

YES! YES! Thats what I want!

But when my life didn’t look like that, how did I walk the path towards that silver lining called gratitude? That little pearl called joy? 


I hated this at first. Yes I will use that strong of a word, because I felt uncontrollably stupid, believing in things I didn’t feel or see.

I’d been so jaded I was tired of this “Believing” stuff. But I did it anyway.

I had my mum believing with me. I had inspiring words and quotes on my chalk board and I kept reading those books!

Somehow slowly I climbed out of depression and into joy and possibility.

Believing you can climb out is just about the hardest thing you can do when your an emotional heap of depression.

But believing is THE emotional step to take everyday to walk you closer to the life you dream of.