Something about autumn never ceases to fill up my spirit.

I have been so blessed to start off this season in England and France. 

So many of my very favorite things were all spun into one brilliant trip.

I spent an enchanting weekend painting with woman from all around the world. Constantly being romanced by all the heart shaped nature I discovered.

I got to drink coffee with my best friend all over Europe. We were adventurous in our coffee tastings. Our favorite was a carmel latte near the London Eye. If possible only trying the local coffee stops.

I  roamed book store after book store, of course purchasing a few neglected vintage ones for my journaling! I got to use my nifty polaroid for the first time really. The expired film made each polaroid like a “treasure surprise” as it developed. I also visited  the graves of my literary hero’s in Westminster Abbey.

But most of all I got to “feel” England and France.

Travel to me is like a love affair. It is such a blissful unruly thing. Constantly surprising and maybe frustrating you! Each new step to me really is a magic all it’s own. I was made to travel. I was made to move. I love the elegant and unlovely parts of countries alike, each with it’s own sets of joy!

Something in me comes alive when I travel.

Words are less necessary than ever and all that matters is my senses to take it all in!