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The photograph on the inside of the cover was taken on a California shore near the Sutro Baths.

A place that was mythical to me.

A place that washed away the hardened edges of reality and left you feeling light.

Left you feeling the salty air deep,


deep into your lungs.

My muscles relaxed and although much came into focus in those soft moments.

I also felt as if I could see nothing at all.

Like an ethereal dream.

Thats what I feel when I listen to this music.

Closed eyes and transported.

Maybe I’m biased because I am so fucking proud of these guys.

Maybe it’s because I have seen them labor hours, or really years into its making.

Maybe it’s because they are amazing men.

Or maybe its just because I like the sort of music that is good and magic and technical.

In any case they have heart and it shows in each shade of music they create.

Sample some Esbern Snare.

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