I’m sitting outside with my homemade peppermint mocha, dogs cuddled up to my legs.

Chicken noodle soup cooking in the kitchen and the minutes ticking away before work arrives.

The sky is such a tranquil shade and the thyme shivers in the autumn wind.

Florence and the machine is my sound track to this moment: Falling. 

I’v had so many falling moments in the past few years. When It was all bliss until little did I know I would hit the ground.

But I have this blissful excitment that this season isn’t the same.

I just got back from Europe and my heart is so full of hunger for adventure!

I’m so thankful to all the woman who have been apart of my healing.

I love you so much. Wether I knew you for a short weekend or my whole life!

I owe it to you WOMAN, who have helped guide me through the “fallings” of life.

I have scraps and wounds like any little kiddo, but i’m getting ready to run and ride and skip despite the shaky fear!

So thank you my beautiful loves!

P.s. There have been a few men too! ;) I would never forget about you!