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After long hours of country sides streaming into a blur outside of my window.

After picking wild flowers off the side of an on ramp.

After many sips of coffee and a book we tirelessly tried to listen to.

After many clock checks.

After many hours dreaming of being back in the soil of my childhood.

We were there.

Hurried hello’s and merry meetings all around my wonderfully large family.

Hours of lazy pool swims, much laughter with relatives I have longed to sit with and many fire works bursting.

Hello forth of july. Good bye Tennessee.

It was the shortest sweetest time with my love and my family.

But we have to soak in those short moments don’t we?

The ones that are so fleeting, so sparkling and fly by before we even blink.

We have to step back and then into them and let them be everything they want to be.

Oh those sweet moments I had been day dreaming about and that he so lovingly made come true we just what I needed.