Iv always loved the idea of HOME,

And being the sort of gypsy nomad spirit I am this hasn’t always mixed well with what I want in life.

I write, photograph and draw HOME all the time and yet I am never really satisfied with the idea of settling down and making HOME.

Of course I want to be a wife, mother and have a cute trendy house full of love and food.

But HOME, to me means something far broader and deeper.

I have had numerous dreams about HOME, of me coming to it and looking into the mirror at the woman I have become.

(I am not HOME yet, I know this)

But she is the woman everyday I come a bit closer too and choose to be.

I see her radiate with an identity that is far more steady and God rooted than my own has ever been.

But I come back to this theme over and over.

It’s like the more I draw a house or make a house out of tiny pieces of paper in my collages the more I realize this is my life journey.


I want to endlessly travel the world…

So from year to year my tangible home will look different.

But my SPIRIT/SOUl HOME will be redecorated and refreshed in the way only experience and process can do.

I will find my way through the uncharted territory of the human psyche

and of the unknown countries I dream about by night.

I want to be a great explorer of both these landscapes.

Discovering what it means to be HOME in my own skin. In my own mind.