“Caught in the swirling actions, thoughts, and journeys of others, we lose touch with our breath, our bodies, and the grounding center within us.”
-Patricia Lynn Reilly, Author of I Promise Myself (A great resource.)
My body.
How do I feel in it?
I have been struggling to feel full of energy and life.
No matter how much I sleep, how much water I drink or what good foods I put into my body I feel tired.
I’v been achier, slightly nauseated, and sometimes my anxiety gets the very best of me.
Living with an auto immune disease isn’t easy as pie.
I don’t want to continue in a negative spiral, however I want to share honestly that it has been, over the years, quite a struggle.
It takes me up and down. But sometimes more down.
I begin to think negatively towards my body.
I hate this I think. I hate the way I feel. I hate being sick.
It was like an electric bolt to my thoughts.
First I think then my body follows suit.
Not the other way around.
My lover helped me see this.
I have been telling my body I hate it and of course it is going to feel abused, neglected and sick.
My body has been my greatest teacher.
She has withstood many rigorous painful storms.
Both physically and emotionally.
She has continued to walk on even with the aches.
She has continued to breath and be a safe harbor for my emotions and dreams.
She has held me tightly together when I thought everything would fall apart.
She signals me into what I am really feeling.
If I am holding too much in.
Or if I am not being kind to myself.
She transforms with the seasons and years I walk through.
She has been the lover that has never left me.
So to you my dear I am deeply sorry for how I have abused and neglected you.
-I am committed to loving you fully.
I am devoted to sending love deep down to comfort all the wounded places. 
I am committing to listen to you more. To do things that serve towards a healthier vessel. 
See article by Mystic Momma about release!