I have craved travel as of late.

Like a burn,

an ache…

I have wanted to wonder distant lands and be consumed by their culture.

I want to run my fingers through all the difference between them and me and then realize we are not at all that different.


I have missed creating art like one misses their child.

I have missed paper filled with my words and paint smears.


I have said it a thousand times – that I need to make time.

AND then I don’t.


He says: “I have noticed you haven’t been doing art lately.”

“Don’t feel guilty for taking the time to invest in art, instead of investing in me.

The best thing you can do for US is to create. It feeds you and thus it feeds us.”

I stood in awe. He was right.

I need to drink.

I am so thirsty.


I need art as I always have.

Maybe now more than ever.

As the busyness consumes.

I need it to comfort my body and help my soul rest.

I need it to channel all that goes on under this skin.


(I want to collaborate with other artists.

I want to drink tea and listen to tribal music.

I desire to fill my journals and to guide people as they dive inside too.

I want to run wild with other woman and see them shine.

There is so much brewing, so much connection to be had.)