I met this insanely funny one while on retreat at Call of the Wild Soul in England. I don’t know how or why but somehow it seemed we ended up almost everywhere together. Between classes and dinners I spent a great deal of time laughing as well as seeing her develop as an artist. She is a magician with a sketch. In a moment she could draw a realistic figure. Boggling to my mind.  Years later I saw her again this time in California and to my delight she is just as I remembered her. Talented and a real treat to be around! Im pretty jazzed for you to get to know her too.

Moyra Scott: I am a mixed media artist living in Brighton, UK. I also work in a studio in Suffolk on the East Coast. I work on canvas, board, paper and in my journal. I believe in creativity as a way of making life better and that every human has a need and desire to express themselves.

As well as creating my own work I run creative journaling sessions helping others to connect with their innate creative selves, expand their creative boundaries, become present and work with what is. I am not neat when i create, I am wild and messy. I am also a coach (helping people declutter their heads, get organised and get stuff done) and I am a qualified yoga teacher (500hr Yoga alliance certified)

 “I work intuitively, I become deeply immersed in the process of creating my colourful, many layered ‘visual stories’.

I am drawn to the use of symbols (birds, cups, stars, ladders etc) to create dreamlike visual narratives.”


What does Intuitive mean to you? What does it feel like? Look like?

Intuitive means letting go of a specific idea of outcome and allowing that which is deep inside to surface. Its not a conscious controlled process, more one of getting out of my own way and connecting with the present moment, and working with what arises in front of me. I like to throw a little chance or random in there to jolt myself out of running old stories into new territory. Its like it only really works when I have no idea what I am doing but am responding in the moment with authenticity.

 “When I work in my art journal, its transforms my day. It takes me away from myself and engages me in higher ways of thinking, richer, mythical, intellectually stimulating ideas, stories and worlds. It is deeply nourishing to my soul and is excites my heart and mind. It encourages me to build my desire and to express myself. This brings me into contact with my uniqueness, my insight, my truth. I love it.

What is your Truth saying? Where is it leading you?

My truth is saying that it is all about pure magical energy and connection between souls.

It is leading me to share my work both in terms of exhibiting, and teaching. Both are my work in the world.

A long time ago I read something about “the joy of the doing of the thing” its about joy, connection, being present and expressing who you are.


Tell me about your workshops? What is wild art journaling? What is it you want your students to take away?

I called it Wild Art Journaling because i wanted it to come from our “Wild Mind” – which is a phrase that I learned in a writing class. Its the notion that there is a part of our mind which is outside culture, its free and can free associate as it pleases. From this place, I believe comes our most truthful expression, and our most enjoyable creativity. I want my students to take away something they have created from somewhere they didn’t expect. I want them to let go of any idea of what they thought they might produce and realise it is all experimentation, all creative play, and none of it needs to be judged. I want them to leave having spent time in a part of their brain that is wildly free, wildly creative and full of inspiration, and return to their lives refreshed, inspired, seeing life anew, as if their soul has been nourished.

What are you bow down kiss the ground grateful for?

My son. Life itself. Music. Any time I get to spend being creative.

 Tell me about the tools you use and how they are teachers for healing? What have you been learning from them personally?

For me, working creatively, playing creatively (same thing) is a place where I am free. If I am down, spending time there, immersing myself in expression, takes me out of that down place and I forget any troubles I have. I don’t know of any specific healing that happens other than, it is my happy place, and going there makes my life better. I cant quantify this, but I do believe that in expressing my thoughts, feelings, emotions out of me and onto the page or canvas, that I am helping myself to see it clearly and to understand myself better. Its not quite the same as writing as its a more visual dreamlike narrative. But it helps me feel better. I think also its like meditation. Its a place where the brain waves are different. Its deeply calming and very present. Worries and anxiety are not there, afterwards new creative connections can be made.

As Picasso once said (I may be paraphrasing here) it ‘washes away the dust of our every day lives’.


What are you saying YES to these days?

I am saying yes to what lights me up. Eating good food is always something I say yes to. But right now I am going through a big phases of decluttering and fixing stuff. I am clearing out the old, and unessential. I have this feeling of needing to find only the essential and focus on that. Its a shedding and a coming together. It feels very right and good. Definitely bringing me some lit up joy!

What do you want everyone to know?

That finding your creative expression is neccessary in life. Its not frivolous in the slightest.

It need not be visual art, it could be music, dance, writing, whatever it is for you. But, whatever it is for you – you need to find it.

That, and… Magic happens.


Art On Right By: Crim Bo Taken At The Journal Session WIP.

How are you nourishing your wellbeing today?

Today I had a coffee date with a good friend. Chap in to fix our broken oven, and I am having a really big clear out of my work room ( office / studio).

Food wise I am planning a large fritata with roasted butternut squash, mushroom and goats cheese, served with kale.

I am off sugar, and I have a daily dose of organic cider vinegar and raw honey every day.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild precious life?
Ha! such a big question! SO MUCH!……. at the same time…. My quest is to be happy. To have what I think what I say and what I do be aligned. I am aiming to be happy, to rid myself of the unessential, live simply and well. To be as good a parent as I can be. To do what brings me joy. to share what brings me joy in the hope that I may help other people experience joy. To bring about pure magical energy and connection between souls. To do less, help people, and make friends. Eat delicious food in great company. I have a side project which is all about getting people to break bread together. Especially people who have not eaten together before.

Its part of building community which in turn is part of being happy, bringing people together and creating connection.


Connect with Moyra Scott on Facebook, Instagram or her head on over to her website for more details on what she is up to!