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 I first encountered Pixie Lighthorse when I was on an inspiration hunt at a local Barnes and Noble. I was gathering all the books I could find on soulful art. This is when I came across Christine Mason Millers book Desire to Inspire.  I sat down and likely read it cover to cover, although I don’t remember now if I did. But I do remember promptly looking up who Pixie was when I got home. Although she may not know this, she since then has inspired me over and over to live a deeply spiritual and rooted life. Let’s celebrate this divine woman as well as  honor her, as I am greatly honored to have her presence and voice here with us today.

I’m Pixie Lighthorse and I’m a mother to two really wild children, as well as a mother in my tribal community, SouLodge. I hold sacred space around women in transition, offering them the tools of my trade for healing the mind with shamanic tools, animal medicine, soul retrieval, vision quest, intuitive painting, and dreamwork. I created my job by combining my strengths and what I have learned working with Earth Medicine. There was definitely no checkbox in high school for what I do!

Tell me how you rise up in fullness?
Well let’s see. I’m at my fullest when I’m taking radical good care of my body and my mind, and when I’m inspired to carry my medicine in the world. There’s a distinct moment once in a while, when the spark catches and I have a message to carry. I think what inspires me the most and pulls me up to my full height is the energy which comes off of a great conversation about what is most meaningful to those I’m in kinship with. Usually these conversations are around healing people and healing the Earth.

I live for magic and in our dimension, that shows up brilliantly when people take the time to honor their transformation. We don’t celebrate enough in this culture. We just have little scraps of what was once tradition with actual meaning behind it. I love to create ceremony for my loved ones and honor our rites of passage. I think that the world would is a much finer place to live when we honor the transitions of adulthood, parenthood, birth and death with high integrity and grace. And some pomp. It begets accountability and pride in oneself, expands the capacity of a life within a tribe.

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What supports the true expression of your authentic self?
My voice and my chosen actions. I’m the only one who can distill my own truth and then share it when called. When I lead groups in sacred voice work, I’m always surprised to hear that many folks keep who they are a secret. They don’t want their Facebook friends and family to know that they’ve become too woo, or witches, mystics, and the like. There is a fear about how “they” will respond. I don’t know how we can have a conversation about authenticity, when there’s still so much that we perceive we must protect. It results in a culture perpetuating the taboo of personal freedom. We (the western populous) are still far too afraid of being seen as freaks. Of course, there are many things that we get to keep sacred and private, but if it’s causing you real pain, you have to come out of the closet already. It’s a risk worth calculating, and taking.

“Our bodies are Sacred vessels, sanctuaries, temples, church! They are Holy ground.”

What does worship look like to you? Feel like to you?
It looks like a daily practice of deep gratitude for my life. It feels joyful-like an inventory of abundant blessings, the beauty of the harvest. Every day. No matter what kind of day I’m having. When I’m grateful, I’m worshiping at the church of my soul in the context of this awesome Universe.

Describe the role of Rhythm in your life:
Rhythm is graceful structure. But it’s not always graceful! What keeps me in harmony is having all of my support systems in place: healers, bodyworkers, treasured childcaregivers, safe shelter, hot running water, therapists of all flavors, herbalists, flower essence experts, reiki practitioners. When I know exactly where to go when I need support, I stay in flow. I think we have to set ourselves up for success if we’re going to make a difference. Being rich in resources and being willing to share yours with those in need also creates a web of support which helps create a community rhythm.

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Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild precious life?
I’m living it already- which is to be there to meet the needs of my children and the land and animals I’m blessed to take care of. If I can keep showing up each day to my tribe with the good questions, present to the wonders of the unknown, I’ll consider myself in good form.



 Pixie has this amazing offering on April 11th and 12th called Visual Quest  and it is a journey around the Medicine Wheel.

We begin in the East, with a blank canvas, where all possibility awaits.

We travel to the South, where we take action and begin to see where we want to make commitments.

Moving on to the West, we confront our challenges, what will be released and what will be received becomes known.

We complete in the North, with finishing touches on our paintings and insights about what the journey was about for us.

As well as SouLodge has some yummy offerings throughout the entire year. What is SouLodge?

SouLodge is a sacred virtual sanctuary for women to do their soul work the Earth Medicine way. By hosting a safe container for processing what’s past and current, I lead you through 4 potent lessons with the Animal Medicine Guide for the session. You gather insights through shamanic journey work, community discussion, journal prompts and transformative inquiry. We gather live weekly for a live broadcast, meditation or group journey and to build our community voice.