{Pixie Campbell, Susannah Conway, Melody Ross, Alena Hennessy, Flora Bowley and Catherine Just are a sampling of the incredible collective of woman contributing to INterview.}


Hello Bright and Beautiful Creatives,

Soul Shakers, Mischief Mavens, Wild Ones.

Welcome! Im glad to see you here!

INterview simply put is a View INto the lives of Creative Entrepreneurs.

There are over 40 ahhhhmazing woman contributing to INterview in the coming months.

Every Friday we will release a new INterview by some of your favorite painters, writers, photographers and healers.

In these INterviews we will explore idea’s about sacred living, what helps with mending, what rhythm looks like,

what they are saying YES to and what it is they plan to do with their one precious and wild life!

We are endlessly fascinated by the why’s behind what people do.

We are fascinated by the deep yearnings, the holy yeses.

I ask questions daily. You do too.

This creative collective isn’t about telling you how you should live your life.

Or sharing the how to steps to transform you into versions of us.

It is about sharing ideas so you can create YOUR life with intention and soul.

It is about asking questions and allowing answers to rise within you.

It is about learning from woman who are doing it. Who are living life courageously.

We are all hand weaving possibilities into realities.

We are the creative collective.

Stop in every Friday to explore with us.

The sensational Alena Hennessy will open us up this Friday, March 6!

I absolutely can’t wait to see you there!


If you would like to be featured in -INterview- please inquire by going to my contact page.

We would love to hear from you.