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Saturdays spent deep in the Williamsburg forest,

watching the finches flit in and out of the bare branches.

Weaving conversations and sharing anything and everything together.

“As a drop of oil on the sea, you must float,

using intellect and compassion to ride the waves.”

Discovering the value of both intellect and compassion, learning the ways of each and how they embrace each other.


Mixing, mingling, dancing, touching and weaving, riding the waves.

Nature shows how the soft and pliable embrace the immovable and stark.

It speaks to me the importance of both.

I often think compassion is the only way and then I look at him and choose to open and allow intellect in to teach me.

To walk it’s way.

To grow into a bigger space that encompasses all of me.

Not just body and soul, but mind as well.

“Love is not only a life experience, but also a mystical experience.”

-(Both Quotations are by: Joseph Campbell)