In the Chama River valley north of Sante Fe, we found the bones of this beautiful home crumbling in it’s own wild beauty.

Orly is no stranger to finding beauty in the decomposing, the oddity, the strange places. And THIS is exactly why I love her.

Her art speaks for itself, if you ever get a chance to met her, you will inevitably be lit up with her wisdom and hilarity.

A brilliant badass that I feel… well… pretty damn lucky to have been around for two whole weeks at Call of the Wild Soul, Ghost Ranch. 

“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.”

-Jack Kerouac

Roll on Momma Tumbleweed… Roll on…

 (All photo’s taken at the luscious and incredible Call of the Wild Soul Ghost Ranch Art Retreat by: Erin Faith Allen)