photo+5in just two days. . .

it is the spring equinox.
it is the new crow moon.
it is the supermoon solar eclipse. 
can you feel it?
the restlessness of wanting to break out and breathe free.
the need to speak, to open the throat and release the waiting voice.
the desire for dirt and return to the source, right before breaking into bloom.

in honor of letting go and beginnings, of evolution and unfolding.
in celebration of black birds singing in the night and thaw coming over the great ground.
in love for all those who want to write real, and turn toward their own knowing, and listen to the womb words the stories only you can tell.

for the next three days i’m offering a one time pay what feels good for
Writing the Womb: a self study course.
for these three days, i’m opening it up for you to come right where you are, to be met right where you are, and together we will unlock the embodied voices, writing ourselves free.
because i believe in this work. and i believe in the wild river of your voice. and i wanted to have a circle to come gather around the spring has sprung table where we would feast and tell our stories of becoming, and this is one way for me to do so.
my offering, my heart. from me, for you.
you can read more about the course and how to pay what feels good (for real. any amount.) clicking on the link below.


Writing the womb course HERE!!!